Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Building a Successful Family Law Practice

I am often asked by my collegues how I built my practice into what it is today, so I thought I would share some helpful information.

The Law Office of Lois Iannone, like Rome, was not built in a day.  The longevity of this firm is a direct result of experience, hard work and dedication.  As a prior Attorney with Rhode Island Child Support Services,I established a wide variety of contact in all the Family Court Systems and worked well with the judges and the clerks of the Rhode Island Family Court.  I have made it my life's mission to help those in Rhode Island in need of legal representation by provideing attentive, compassionate and knowledgable counsel.  My success as an attorney speaks for itself as it is well known that the best advertising is word of mouth.  I am very happy when someone who comes into my office for a free consulation state that they receive excellent reviews from former Family Court clients.

            Excellent Service leading to Excellent Results and longstanding attorney/client relationships!

-  What Information can be provided during a free consultation

            During your initial consultation, potential clients will be give the opportunity to:

                        -           Describe the events resulting in their need for legal representation.
                        -           Provide any and all documents relevant to the need for legal representation.
                        -           Ask any questions.

            During this same consultation, potential clients will be provided with:

                        -           Sound legal advisement
                        -           Document review
                        -           Compasion and understanding

                        -           27 years of knowledge and experience

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


    There are crucial tips to assist you in choosing the best family law attorney.

1.  There are many different type of lawyers and all have different type of skills.  You should be looking for a family law attorney who has the training skills and experience to handle your case.  This is of course depending on your issue in family court and what you need.

2.  Do your research and research as much as possible.  Referrals and recommendations from family and loyal friends is one starting point, but if this is not an option for you, please research the web in Rhode Island.  Look for a Family Law practitioner; look at his/her web site.  Then research their location, skills and how long they have been practicing in the family court.  Look for their training and specifically their credentials.

Most lawyers are approachable.  I consider myself friendly, empathic and a good listener.  My free consultation will allow you to judge for yourself that my knowledge, experience and skills with the family court with truly fit all of your needs.

Review my web site carefully!  Then give me a call for your free consultation!  Thank you.  Lois

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Friday, June 20, 2014

What do I need for my first Consultation for a Divorce?

Most individuals ask this question when they make their initial consultation appointment with me.  This is a great question since it will make the consultation much easier to explain to the client.  I normally will respond with the follow:


    1. Please bring your marriage certificate.  Your marriage certificate has a lot of information that I will need if you are filing for a divorce. This document is also needed to be filed with the Family Court when you file for divorce. 



     2.  Please bring in your most four (4) recent pay stubs.  If there are any financial issues such as child support, that I can estimate what a child support guideline will be based on your monthly gross earning and your partner's monthly gross earnings.  Your pay receipt will also state what you are paying for medical and/or dental insurance.  Since the child support guideline worksheet gives deductions for these expenses, your monthly gross income will be reduced by these expenses.


    3.  Please bring in any pensions, 401(k), IRA(s), Deferred Compensation etc.   This will save you a lot of expense and time.  Once I have these computations, you will be able to know and I can then calculate if all of the pensions etc. are marital or only a portion is marital.  Pensions etc. are sometimes a huge asset that one of the parties has accumulated during the course of the marriage.  This is the parties' retirement funds and they are very important to one's financial future.


    4.    If you have minor children,  please bring with you:  Any and all day care costs receipts, extracurricular receipts, medical receipts.  This will be helpful in calculating a child support guideline worksheet. 


   5.  PLEASE: Do not bring any anxiety or fear!:  Most individuals are very anxious when meeting with an attorney.  Please note that I am very down to earth and my office is quite informal.  Your first consultation for a divorce will be very comforting knowing that I have the competency, integrity and compassion for you and what this time period in your life means to you.  After practicing for 26 years, I completely understand your position and mind set.  Feel free to call me at any time.  I always respond to telephone calls.  Again, you will be treated with dignity and I will guide you through this array of issues that are very important to you!

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How Are Assets Divided in a Divorce?

Most divorcing couples' main concern is dividing their assets such as their home (" the marital domicile"), their bank accounts, their pensions and their personal property.

    Two assets are not marital in nature. They are any inheritances that a party received and kept this completely separate from the other spouse and any gifts that were given to one spouse.

    In Rhode Island, assets acquired during the course of the marriage is deemed the "marital estate".

    I will first determine what is a marital asset and then I will determine how that particular asset should be divided.

    For example, if one spouse has a pension ( This would include: 401k; IRS, 401(b),and any other retirement investments) I will determine whether it was earning during the course of the marriage.  If this particular assets was earned entirely during the coursed of the marriage, then it is marital in nature and would be divided accordingly.  If the pension, etc. was not  earned during the entire length of the marriage, then a percentage of the amount currently vested in the pension etc. would be divided according to the number of years that the spouse was in service over the number of years that the parties have been marriage.  There would be a lesser amount distributed since some of the pension was vested prior to the marriage.  Once you and your spouse attend the divorce hearing, the party with the pension still accumulates his/her pension and the other parties' marital asset in that pension stops.

    For instance, if one spouse has worked twenty (20) years at their place of employment but has only been married to their spouse for ten (10) years, the other spouse would be entitled to 25% of that pension since one-half of it was accrued and vested over the course of the marriage.  The value, as I previously mentioned, would be determined as of the date your divorce is heard.  Thereafter, the spouse will continue to invest in their pension, but the other spouse's portion has ended.
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Thursday, May 15, 2014


 Attorney Lois Iannone has been a certified Family Court mediator since 2006.  Her office provides a relaxed, comfortable and confidential environment concerning your Family Court matter.


    Couples can be at ease to discuss their concerns and they will learn how they can resolve their conflicts quickly in order to be amicable with each other and resolve their issues with dignity.  Couple will learn that good communication skills will allow their relationship with each other to remain amicable, friendly and non-contentious. 


    Mediation allows the couples to decide what is in their best interest and more importantly what is in their children's best interest without Court intervention.


    Couple would be able to make their own decisions rather than have the Court who really does not know and understand their lifestyles; their emotionally attachments and the financial future.  Mediation assists couples in developing options for conflict resolutions in a delicate but equitable fashion.


Contact Lois today:  at 401-944-5499 to schedule a consultation where all of your questions about mediation will be addressed and answered. For more information online visit Our Website

Family Law Litigation

    When litigating your Family  Court case, whether it be a contested divorce, contested custody issue or any other family law disputes wherein the parties need the Court's intervention, Lois has significant expertise in all Family Law and Family Court procedures and the knowledge of the Family Court laws.


    Preparation is key in order to succeed in litigation, Lois tirelessly is always solidly prepared if in fact your Family Court issues goes to trial. 

    Lois will not only meet with you on several different occasions, but she will also address your concerns about litigation and she will place you at ease and she has worked with top-notched experts in the field whose opinions the Family Court looks to and who are crucial to a favorable outcome for you, her client.


    Rest assured that if your Family Court case is litigated, Lois will be your voice, your advocate and will do her utmost best to make this experience as easy as possible for you and she is dedicated to your needs until your case is completed.  Lois is a trustworthy attorney who you can court on in Family Court.

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