Thursday, September 4, 2014


    There are crucial tips to assist you in choosing the best family law attorney.

1.  There are many different type of lawyers and all have different type of skills.  You should be looking for a family law attorney who has the training skills and experience to handle your case.  This is of course depending on your issue in family court and what you need.

2.  Do your research and research as much as possible.  Referrals and recommendations from family and loyal friends is one starting point, but if this is not an option for you, please research the web in Rhode Island.  Look for a Family Law practitioner; look at his/her web site.  Then research their location, skills and how long they have been practicing in the family court.  Look for their training and specifically their credentials.

Most lawyers are approachable.  I consider myself friendly, empathic and a good listener.  My free consultation will allow you to judge for yourself that my knowledge, experience and skills with the family court with truly fit all of your needs.

Review my web site carefully!  Then give me a call for your free consultation!  Thank you.  Lois

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